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Personal Learning Facilitator

An exciting opportunity for all certified Trainers!
Hone your skills, level up and join our Team as Personal Learning Facilitators, on a freelance basis.

What are we expecting from you?

Just bring in your passion and expertise, coupled with full faith in us. Once you make it through to our Train-The-Trainer round, we will train you for your sessions, provide the content and pair you up with our learners so you can partner with them in the LIVE online group or 1:1 sessions to facilitate optimum learning.

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Personage – PLF Advantage

With so many options on board, why should you become a Certified PLF apart from the fact that we’ll make sure the returns exceed more than your investment?

Personage has one of the highest paying trainer platforms online, in India. We select only the Top Applicants after a rigorous yet enjoyably flexible 6-step recruitment process.
Once empaneled, your income would exceed the one given to full time trainers. Our PLFs are paid Rs.500 to Rs.1200 per 1-1.5hr online session and Rs.800 to Rs.1500 per 1-1.5hr offline session, as per the course they are certified for, their prior experience and subsequently our learner feedback, thus earning a higher entry salary than most trainers.

For sessions conducted online, you can choose your dates and timings in advance, so you can get rostered as per your availability to deliver the sessions from the comfort of your home.
For offline sessions, the dates will be shared with you to then pick as per your availability.
More the classes, more your earnings!
We recommend applying only if you are available for 20-40 hours a month.

Focus on doing what you love while we do the rest to make it happen for you… from scheduling your sessions with our learners to providing the content for delivery.
Embark on this journey by watching Vinee Ajmera’s insightful videos with a few live sessions that’ll make you wonder what you were waiting so long for!

Personal Learning Facilitator
Certification Requirement

You have passion for training. You want to make a difference. You need to be creative, be smart and think on the fly.

Empanelment Process

We select only the Top applicants after a rigorous 6-step recruitment process.

Once certified, your monthly salary exceeds that of full-time trainers.

Once you make it through, to the Train-The-Trainer Program Stage, an investment of training fees for the relevant course needs to be paid upfront. This amount includes your training and setup cost.

You will earn back the fee amount after successfully completing 30 assigned online sessions.

Step 1: Application form – Apply Now Button
Step 2: Telephonic interview
Step 3: Brand Me document submission
Step 4: LIVE demo with tech check
Step 5: HR & Management round
Step 6: TTT & Certification

About Personage – Go Lead The Future

‘Personage’ is a learning platform that ensures you put what you learn into practice. It helps you develop and nurture critical competencies that will make a positive impact in the present and throughout your career. Our courses are designed to accelerate the transformation of individuals into leaders ready to drive growth.

We have pioneered content-rich self-paced courses focused on building personal and professional capabilities for working executives, high potential employees including new and seasoned leaders.

Our value-for-money neoteric courses follow an experience sharing and storytelling approach that leads to high-impact and results-based learnings imparted by industry leaders through structured high quality video lessons. These expert-led inputs are supplemented with guided reflections and multiple live online sessions with our best-in-industry personal learning facilitators.

The reflection worksheets serve as a personalized playbook for related skills.

The live sessions, with relevant case studies, anecdotes and scenario simulations, help deeper internalization and application of learnings to the individual’s work situations.

Maximize your learning with Personage – Go Lead the Future!

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What is the qualifying criteria to be selected for training?

We begin the process by assessing the following and follow it up with a telephonic screening:
Applicant’s qualifications and experience
Time commitment from the applicant, up to minimum 40 hours per month

What will be checked in the telephonic round?

The telephonic round will be to reconfirm some of the information that you have provided via the online application.

Additionally, there will be a few questions to understand your profile better.

Here are some indicative questions for you:
Could you walk me through your profile?
What made you choose Personage – Go Lead The Future?
How much do you know about Personage?
Do you have any issues with any of the terms and conditions shared?

Does one need to pay for the training? How much? Why?

Each Personal Learning Facilitator, if selected to be empaneled, needs to invest an amount of Rs.15,000 towards training and set-up.

At the time of TTT registration, you will need to pay the training fee. The training outline will be shared with you before you sign up for the Program.

All PLFs will need to complete the training course to understand the job responsibilities and acquire additional skills.

The Training Fee is like Earnest Money and designed to make sure that only committed trainers progress into training, as the entire cost of the training is borne by Personage.

Does paying the training fee mean that you are empaneled?

Yes. You will be required to pay the training fee only if you are selected.

Post training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

You will get the Personal Learning Facilitator Certification only after completing 20 hours over a period of maximum 3 months. You will be paid an hourly fee of Rs.500 for these 20 hours as well.

Post completion of 20 hours of training, once no hand holding is required, your hourly pay out will Rs.800.

This is to ensure you are fully online and on board with training our learners who comprise mainly of professionals, entrepreneurs and aspiring career-minded individuals looking to develop relevant skills to accelerate to success.

You were not accepted in the last attempt. Can you re-apply?

Yes. One can reapply for the role of PLF. If you drop out or have not qualified, you will be informed by email. You can re-apply after 90 days from the date of this email.

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