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What we do

We partner with organizations to equip their employees with the right skillset and mindset to deliver a workforce that can lead the future.

How we do it

With a result-oriented approach and scientific principles of adult learning, we create a learning experience perfectly suited to engage working professionals and maximize their potential in alignment with their organizational goals.

How we work with Businesses and Organizations

Solutions designed for organizational success.
High-impact programs to provide a rich-learning experience and achieve desired outcomes

Every business has an ambitious plan for growth-driven performance. Often, a company’s employees are unable to align to the company’s vision and strategic goals. This results in a vacuum between ambition and actual performance because of a purpose gap, giving rise to dissent, missed opportunities, and untapped potential.

Personage develops customized training solutions and programs, with interactive feedback that allows organizations to bridge this vacuum for better returns on investments in human capital. Keeping this in mind, each of our training programs is designed and formulated to align and enhance performance as per the organization’s core strategy. We pride ourselves on our quality, passion, and commitment towards making a difference with our interventions.

How Businesses and Organizations Benefit

Innovative and effective offerings for L&D professionals to drive impact-oriented development for their internal customers

Improved employee engagement, empowerment and enablement

Improved human skills and interpersonal interactions

Sustainable outcomes owing to post program engagement

Enhanced confidence in teams resulting in leadership mindsets and optimal performance

Neoteric Courses

Personage has pioneered content-rich hybrid courses focused on building personal and professional capabilities for working executives, high potential employees including new and seasoned leaders.

Our value-for-money neoteric courses follow an experience sharing and storytelling approach that leads to high-impact and evidence-based learnings imparted by well-regarded industry leaders through structured, high quality video lessons.

These expert-led inputs are supplemented with assignments and multiple live online sessions (cohorts or 1-1) with our best-in-industry Personal Learning Facilitators (PLFs). We have translated our in-person programs to a fully live and virtual format, delivering the same interactive sessions with the PLFs and real-time application of knowledge, that you would experience in person.

The reflection assignments result in a personalized playbook for related skills while the case study assignments bring about peer bonding. The live sessions, with relevant case study presentations, anecdotes and scenario simulations, help deeper internalization and application of learnings to the individual’s work situations.

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Vinee in Person

Vinee is a life-schooled high energy speaker with her own personal excellence show on Tata Sky Specials TV and has been a TEDx speaker. Her talks have been life-transforming and have helped people overcome their self-limiting thoughts, doubts and fears to achieve their goals and take on any challenge. She connects comfortably with any audience and can converse and communicate ideas and insights in multiple languages -English, Hindi, Hinglish, or Gujarati. Vinee has delivered keynotes, workshops and webinars on a wide range of topics including :

  • Sharpening Business Communication Effectiveness
  • Finding Your Confidence
  • StressLess!
  • Leadership Presence
  • The Resilience Advantage
  • The Power of Authenticity
  • Networking-Value Through Relationships

“Vinee In Person” can be designed to address small groups of Executives at all levels.

Private Coaching

Successful organizations have recognized that leaders must be able to coach their teams, and each other. Hence, they include coaching in their leadership development plans.

Coaching promotes clarity, creativity, breakthrough performance, and resilience, giving individuals and organizations a competitive edge in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

Through coaching, we offer expert support that keeps the leaders on track, and work with their individual circumstances to make real change happen.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We subscribe to the coaching philosophy which honors the client as the expert in his/her life. We use powerful performance tools and techniques such as neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and social skills to further empower you with focus, insight and accountability. This ensures that the client can and WILL achieve consistent results.

Power Coaching

Through our power coaching sessions, we empower our high potential clients to redirect their inner brilliance to sharpen their confidence, self-belief, resilience, poise and leadership presence. This intervention is ideal for middle to senior level leaders.

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