Premium Selling Course

Premium buyers purchase items they need to perform as expected, and they are willing to pay more for the assurance and in this course, you will learn how to give them that assurance.

Course Benefits

Get the requisite knowledge and skills to adopt while serving premium buyers.

Your primary focus should be on helping the customers get what they need and what they want. With the right training, you can achieve it.

This course will not only help you attain better sales outcomes but also impact your personal and professional growth.

Learn with relevant examples from reputed and experienced industry experts.

Get access digital access as our programs are designed, with simplicity and efficacy, as online learning solutions.

The course is available in two languages – English and Hindi.

Who Will Benefit

This course will enable the frontliners to exceed sales objectives and customer loyalty resulting in positive business outcomes for the brands. It can be adapted to any situation, business or industry with active interactions between frontliners and a discerning audience. Our learners include frontline teams from the following industries.

Course Curriculum

1 Course Navigation & Faculty Introduction

Welcome To Luxury Ambassador Program
Course Navigation
Know Your Principal Faculty – Vinee Ajmera
Know Your Principal Faculty – Priyanka Ganjawalla

2 Introduction to Premium Selling

1.1 Introduction to Premium Selling
1.1a Introduction Exercise Worksheet
1.2 Moment Of Truth
Test Your Learning – Introduction to Premium Selling

3 About the Buyers

2.1 Psychology Of The Buyer
2.2 Types Of Buyers
Test Your Learning – About The Buyers

4 You! The Brand Ambassador

3.1 First Impressions
3.2 Hygiene And Grooming
3.3 Poise: Posture
3.3a Poise: Exercises For Posture
3.3b Poise: Gestures And Facial Expressions
3.4 Make-up For Women
3.5 Important Pointers
3.6 Role Of A Boutique Consultant
Test Your Learning – You! The Brand Ambassador

5 Drip 1 : Reflection Assignment

First Submission – Reflections

6 Welcoming the Customer

4.1 Approaching The Customer
4.2 Building Rapport
Test Your Learning – Welcoming The Customer

7 Sales Processes and Concepts

5.1 Preparing To Sell – 6 R’s
5.1a Language Of Luxury
5.2 Selling Tenets
5.3 Body Shape Guidelines
5.4 Handling Complaints
5.5 Building Customer Loyalty
5.6 Exploring “Let Me Think About It”
5.7 Dealing With Objections
5.8 Additional Selling And Concluding A Sale
Test Your Learning – Sales Processes And Concepts

8 Exceeding Customer Expectations

6.1 Exceeding Customer Expectations
Test Your Learning – Exceeding Customer Expectations

9 Drip 2 : Reflection Assignment

Second Submission – Reflections
Experience Sharing

10 Quiz

We Value Your Feedback
Luxury Ambassador Final Quiz

11 Standard Reflection Worksheet

Standard Reflections

12 Study guide

Luxury Ambassador – Study Guide

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • Guidelines for performing optimally
  • Better understanding of the customer mindset
  • Confidence and sensitivity in dealing with clients
  • Improved customer and interpersonal interactions
  • Clarity on roles and role requirement
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Sense of security
  • Personalized application of learning

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Contributing Leaders

Vinee Ajmera

Founder – Personage
Executive Presence Coach
Personal Growth Facilitator

Vinee Ajmera is an Executive Presence Coach, International Speaker and Personal Growth Strategist with a passion to help mission-driven people in corporates, businesses and startups activate their communication and leadership potential so they can achieve personal and professional success.

Vinee Ajmera brilliantly expounds the key tenets of her philosophy viz., communication, authenticity and resilience through her talks and interventions. She is an experienced keynote and TEDx Speaker on domestic and international forums. Her ability to connect and inspire has made her a sought-after positive transformation specialist with her own show on personal excellence on Tata Sky Specials TV.

She is the producer and host of the famous Run2Vin Podcast and Rise Careerwise Virtual Summits which are focused on bringing the latest insights, practices, trends and inspiration to success-driven individuals.

While her expertise lies in communications and leadership, having over two decades of local and international experience across aviation, corporates and entrepreneurship, Vinee understands that being successful takes a lot more than a perfect plan. You also need the skills, vision and confidence to implement it. Therefore, her interventions have an empowering approach that helps clients recognise their own inner brilliance to develop confidence and self-belief.

Other than her love for exploring new places and embracing new cultures, she is a fitness enthusiast. She is a true believer of “Ikigai”, the Japanese secret to a long and happy life.

Priyanka Ganjawalla

Brand Expert, Retail

As a luxury brand head, Priyanka’s energy precedes her. She leads Madhuban by Manubhai, a heritage jewellery brand, ready to challenge our outdated perceptions of heritage jewellery.

She is an empathetic storyteller and is widely acknowledged for her passionate and high-energy sessions. Powered by over 15 years of experience in aviation, image consulting, luxury retail, and mineral trading, she has worked across geographies such as India, Singapore, Qatar, China, and the United Kingdom.

Qualifications and accolades have propelled her stupendous growth. She is a certified Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer from ICBI, Mumbai. Her expertise lies in retail, brand & presence building and customer relations.


Will I get a certificate of completion?

Certification on Luxury Selling ratified by Principal Faculty Vinee Ajmera and your brand, where applicable.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can enroll?

No, there is no limit to the number of people who can enroll .

Will there be any evaluation?

Yes, there will be quizzes to reinforce learning. Tests will depend solely on the requirements of the brand.

Is there interaction with other online students?

Yes, there will be a forum where students can post their doubts or queries and interact with other students who are taking up the course.

How do I interact with the mentor?

There will be discussion forums for each course that will allow you to post any queries/doubts and interact with the mentor.The discussion forum is a place for clarification and reflection, or to dig deeper into a particular area.

Is this course self-paced or scheduled?

Self-paced learning with business-established end-date, where applicable.

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