Executive Presence

You may have the edge but how often do you sharpen the saw?

What can having a strong presence do for your career?

How often do you effectively leverage your presence to drive business results?

Executive presence is regarded as this mysterious missing link between merit and success. It is about your ability to inspire confidence — in your team that you’re the leader they want to follow, amongst peers that you’re capable and dependable and, most importantly, amongst seniors that you have the potential for great achievements. While it can seem like an elusive sort of charisma, executive presence rests upon a framework of critical components and once leaders understand this framework, they can leverage it to develop their own presence.

In this course, we will demystify the concept of executive presence while expounding its significance towards growing leadership effectiveness and influence. You will learn the critical components of leadership presence, the pillars it rests on and how to elevate it to become a stellar leader.

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Course Benefits

Brings real-time and structured learning and insights from industry experts.

Provides online live or in-person Transfer of Learning sessions with India’s top Personal Learning Facilitators.

Makes you thrive in a competitive business environment

Helps you to gain trust and inspire confidence in clients, partners and coworkers about your reliability and capability

Enables you to build engaged and empowered teams that are productive and loyal

Builds gravitas to demonstrate you are ready for the next level!

Who Will Benefit

Course Curriculum

1 Live Session 1

Live Session 1

2 Course Navigation

Course Navigation
Standard Reflections
Building Your Playbook

3 Leadership Presence

1.1 What Is Leadership Presence Or Executive Presence?
1.2 How You Act, Look, Communicate, Relate
1.3 Gravitas = Competence + Warmth
1.4a Confidence: The Case Of Confidence
1.4b Confidence: Get That Boost
1.5a Self-talk Drives Self-belief And Behaviour
1.5b Practicing Positive Self-talk
1.6a Self-talk – Reflections
1.6b Self Talk – Study Guide
1.7a Authenticity And Authentic Leaders
1.7b Developing Authenticity
1.8 Quiz – Leadership Presence
1.9a Leadership Presence – Reflection Worksheet
1.9b Leadership Presence – Study Guide
1.10 Integrity
1.11 Quiz – Integrity
1.12a Integrity – Reflections
1.12b Integrity – Study Guide

4 Emotional Intelligence

2.1 Understanding Eq And Iq
2.2 Four Pillars Of Emotional Intelligence
2.3a What Is Self-awareness?
2.3b Ways To Increase Self-awareness
2.4 Quiz – Self-awareness
2.5a Self Awareness – Reflections
2.5b Self Awareness – Study Guide
2.6 Using Emotional Intelligence
2.7 Quiz – Emotional Intelligence
2.8a Emotional Intelligence Reflections
2.8b Emotional Intelligence – Study Guide

5 Style & Image

3.1 First Impressions
3.2 Hygiene And Grooming
3.3a Smart Dressing
3.3b Smart Dressing – Reflections
3.4 Poise: Posture
3.5 Poise: Exercises For Posture
3.6 Poise: Gestures And Facial Expressions
3.7a Quiz-poise
3.7b Poise Reflections
3.7c Poise – Study Guide
3.8a Quiz – Style & Image
3.8b Style And Image – Study Guide

6 Live Session 2

Live Session 2

7 Meeting Preparation and Management

4.1 Effective Meetings For Effective Leaders
4.2 Meetings Are An Investment Of Time
4.3 Planning & Preparation For Meetings
4.4 Leading Effective Meetings
4.5 Quiz – Meeting Preparation And Management
4.6a Meeting Preparation & Management – Reflections
4.6b Meeting Preparation And Management – Study Guide

8 Business Written Communication

5.1 Significance Of Written Communication
5.2 Ten ‘c’s Of Business Written Communication
5.5 Quiz – Business Written Communication
5.6a Business Written Communication – Reflections
5.6b Business Written Communication- Study Guide

9 Business Etiquette

6.1 Introduction To Business And Workplace Etiquette
6.2a Meeting Etiquette
6.2b Shine Online Guide
6.3 Quiz – Business Etiquette
6.4a Business Etiquette – Reflections
6.4b Business Etiquette – Study Guide

10 Communicating for Impact

7.1 Your Intent, Their Impact
7.2a Mastering Communication Skills
7.2b We Hear What We Want To Hear
7.2c What’s The Problem?
7.2d Mastering Communication Skills
7.3a Americanisms With Michael Mcintyre
7.3b What Did You Think Of The Above Video – Let’s Talk About Indianisms
7.3c Indianisms
7.4 Quiz – Communicating For Impact
7.5a Communicating For Impact – Reflections
7.5b Communicating For Impact – Study Guide

11 Rapport Building

8.1 Importance Of Rapport
8.2 Key Tenets Of Rapport Building
8.3 Quiz – Rapport Building
8.4a Rapport Building Reflections
8.4b Rapport Building – Study Guide

12 Power of 'Hi!'

9.1 The Power Of Hi
9.2 Value Through Relationships
9.3 Quiz – Power Of ‘hi!’
9.4a The Power Of Hi Reflections
9.4b Power Of ‘hi!’ – Study Guide

13 Live Session 3

Live Session 3

14 Impactful Presentations

10.1 Effective Presentation Skills – Effective Leader
10.2 Making Effective Presentations
10.3 Quiz – Impactful Presentations
10.4a Impactful Presentations Reflections
10.4b Impactful Presentations – Study Guide

15 Leveraging Storytelling for Leadership

11.1 Stories Shape Us
11.2 Storytelling In The Corporate World
11.3 Tenets Of Storytelling
11.4 Quiz – Leveraging Storytelling For Leadership
11.5a Leveraging Storytelling For Leadership Reflections
11.5b Leveraging Storytelling – Study Guide

16 Assertiveness

12.1 The Need For Assertiveness
12.2 The Difference Between Assertive, Aggressive And Passive Behaviour
12.3 How To Be Assertive
12.4 Quiz – Assertiveness
12.5a Assertiveness – Reflections
12.5b Assertiveness – Study Guide

17 Exchanging Feedback

13.1 Introduction To Feedback
13.2 Importance Of Feedback
13.3 Feedback Framework
13.4 Types Of Feedback
13.5 Quiz – Exchanging Feedback
13.6a Exchanging Feedback Reflections
13.6b Exchanging Feedback – Study Guide

18 Leading with Influence

14.1 Significance Of Influence
14.2 Universal Principles
14.3 Mandates Over Influence Or Persuasion
14.4 How To Be An Influential Leader
14.5 Art Of Leadership Conversations
14.6 Quiz – Leading With Influence
14.7a Leading With Influence Reflections
14.7b Leading With Influence – Study Guide
Standard Reflections

19 Live Session 4

Live Session 4

20 Certification

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Final Quiz

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What Our Learners Have to Say


Will I get a certificate of completion?


Is there a limit to the number of people who can take the course?

No, there is no limit to the number of people who can take the course.

Will there be any evaluation?

There will be quizzes to reinforce learning.

Is there interaction with other online students?

Yes, there will be a forum where students can post their doubts or queries and interact with other students who are taking up the course.

How do I interact with the mentor?

There will be discussion forums for each course that will allow you to post any queries/doubts and interact with the mentor.The discussion forum is a place for clarification and reflection, or to dig deeper into a particular area.

Is this course self-paced or scheduled?

Self-paced learning with business-established end-date, where applicable.

Will you help me to find a job?

We are a training firm and we haven’t ventured into hiring practices and placements. However, you will get access to great learning and practices that are highly result-oriented.

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