Accelerate the personal and professional success of your employees along with high-impact and results-oriented learnings imparted by industry leaders in a structured and high-quality format.

Our series of blended courses ensure that the learners put what they learn into practice. These courses develop and nurture one’s personal, interpersonal and leadership competencies that make a positive impact towards their career growth and aspirations. Through these courses, we offer the global collective wisdom of industry stalwarts in the form of creative storytelling, based on their real-life experiences and learnings.

Smart people learn from experience.

Super smart people learn from other people’s experiences!

These courses will inspire learners to take positive action and give them the confidence to achieve goals, and attain results in the present and throughout their career. They are designed to accelerate the transformation of individuals into leaders ready to drive growth.

Go Lead the Future – don’t wait for the future to happen to you.

Vinee Ajmera

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Executive PresenceLead The FutureNavigating Multigenerational TeamsLuxury AmbassadorPremium SellingAcing your interviewRise Careerwise

Executive presence is regarded as this mysterious “X factor” that bridges the gap between merit and success. Great leaders influence, encourage and inspire. At the core of everything lies their presence which we call executive presence.

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Lead The Future is a microcosm of leadership capabilities that will ensure you put what you learn into practice. It helps you develop and nurture leadership competencies that will make a positive impact now and throughout your career.

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This course teaches professionals how to effectively work with and motivate a multigenerational workforce. Participants will learn best practices for fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

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This course touches upon luxury as a concept and the role of a sales consultant as an expert and ambassador. Upgrade your selling skills with practicable how-tos and a refined focus on subliminal messages exchanged in customer interactions.

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This course provides the requisite knowledge and skills that one should adopt while serving premium buyers. It helps frontline professionals understand and successfully accomplish how to retain old customers, how to engage a new customer and how to build customer loyalty.

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A course that encompasses all you need to impress a prospective employer in an interview. Get powerful insights and actionable guidance on resume and interview preparation. Boost your career at an extremely affordable cost.

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Discover the latest practices for getting hired from the brightest minds of talent acquisition and empower yourself with the ability to land your dream job.

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How Learners Benefit

  • Accelerator courses for career advancement
  • Video lessons by global leaders and industry experts
  • Personalized Transfer of Learning sessions with competent and experienced trainers
  • Custom Playbook for professional growth
  • Flexibility with our ‘preferred time – anywhere’ programs
  • Enhanced understanding of culture and practices in businesses and corporates

How Businesses and Organizations Benefit

  • Innovative and effective offerings for L&D professionals to drive impact-oriented development for their internal customers
  • Cost-effective learning interventions
  • Maximum learning for employees with minimum time away from work
  • Improved employee engagement, empowerment and enablement
  • Improved human skills and interpersonal interactions
  • Sustainable outcomes owing to dripped learning
  • Consistency of quality learning and performance, across geographies
  • Facilitation of easy access to structured, collective wisdom of practicing leaders
  • Enhanced confidence in teams resulting in leadership mindsets and optimal performance

Blended Course Features

Training Lessons

Content is available as videos with summaries in downloadable Study Guides, to consume at home or on-the-go, at your own pace.
Clarification of doubts and personalized mentorship with our transfer of learning live online or offline sessions

Storytelling & Case Studies

Visualize the program techniques in action with real-world examples and discussions in every module.
Deepen learning and discover diverse perspectives from peer exchange

Course captions

You can watch the videos muted with our course captions that accompany the video lessons.

Tools & Checklists

Learning happens by doing. Our practical tools help you apply what you learn right away.

Knowledge Check Quizzes

Put your learning to the test with our interactive quizzes to test your retention of key points in each lesson

Personalized Playbook

Create your own playbook with the carefully designed reflection worksheets for self-development that make you think within and outside the box.


Success Stories

“Lead the Future online course has armed me with a comprehensive approach to honing up my leadership qualities, building relationships with colleagues and clients alike which has resulted in even better business outcomes. I’d highly recommend immersing yourself in these resources and watching your career opportunities soar. Thanks for everything!”

Pratam Kumar
Tyro Financial

“The Executive Presence online course by Vinee Ajmera is packed with high-quality content. It is well-articulated and filled with the right examples. I found the course very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you for your anecdotes that keep pushing me to take the steps and strive to be the best version of myself.”

Raghavendra Araveeti

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