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Executive presence is the mysterious “X factor” that bridges the gap between merit and success. This course demystifies what executive presence stands for. You will learn the critical components of leadership presence, the pillars it rests on and how to elevate it to become a stellar leader.

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Lead The Future Course is a microcosm of leadership capabilities that will ensure that you put what you learn into practice. It helps you develop and nurture leadership competencies that will make a positive impact now and throughout your career.

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Discover how to effectively work with and motivate a multigenerational workforce. You will learn best practices for communication, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

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This course touches upon luxury as a concept and the role of a sales consultant as an expert and ambassador. Upgrade your selling skills and customer service with practicable how-tos and a refined focus on subliminal messages exchanged in customer interactions.

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This course provides the requisite knowledge and skills that one should adopt while serving premium buyers. It helps frontline professionals understand and successfully accomplish how to retain old customers, how to engage a new customer and how to build customer loyalty.

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A course that encompasses all you need to impress a prospective employer in an interview. Get powerful insights and actionable guidance on resume and interview preparation. Boost your career at an extremely affordable cost.

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Welcome To Personage

With the global paradigm shift post unprecedented times, it has become imperative for organizations to INNOvate and enaBLE their people to stay relevant with upgraded capacities in the new world.


Personage (as a new age INNO-BLER) was founded by Vinee Ajmera on the belief that human potential is best unleashed if it is inspired through Behavioral, Cognitive, Emotional and Social inputs to shape and channelize it. Often, employee performance falls short of expectations around innovation and customer service due to unconscious short-comings and unleveraged strengths giving rise to frustration, lack of self-belief, missed opportunities, and a sense of being trapped in a state.

Over the years, we have developed numerous mass customized solutions and interventions that assist organizations to address foundational issues that block superior performance from an otherwise bright and eager workforce. Our solutions and interventions are designed drawing on best conceptual researched knowledge and the practical experience of a range of business leaders from across the world. We pride ourselves on the quality, passion, and commitment we bring to helping employees achieve their potential and align with the company’s vision and strategic goals.

With our eclectic experience and expertise, fused with an original approach, we have positively impacted the lives of over 50,000 individuals. We hope to inspire and improve many more lives and build a better future for all. Nothing will give us greater satisfaction than making India’s 75th year of Independence more meaningful!

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Learn from the Best: Personage’s Elite Leadership Line-up

Unlock unprecedented leadership growth with Personage’s video lessons, featuring an exclusive line-up of accomplished professionals, esteemed board members, and industry stalwarts.

Our elite contributors share their invaluable expertise, innovative strategies, and powerful insights, empowering you to excel in your leadership journey. By learning from their diverse perspectives and real-world experiences, you’ll challenge your thinking, unleash your potential, and reach new heights of success.

Choose Personage and seize this unique opportunity to learn from the industry’s finest leaders. Embark on a transformative leadership experience today.

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Client Testimonials & Success Stories

When our purpose and outcomes align

“We have been working with Vinee on many projects. She trained our team at Madhuban about luxury and presenting themselves in the best way possible. The energy, passion and ownership that she brings to each project is commendable. My respect for her grew even more when she readily accepted our invitation to create a series to help our community in these unusual times. With her characteristic energy and commitment, she created something so precious and gifted it to us and our community. For that and everything else, thank you Vinee.”

Samir Sagar, Manubhai Jewels

“Ms. Vinee’s company Personage is a great enabler for communicating and implementing SOP at all levels. Highly recommended for Retail. The Personage Impact Program by Vinee Ajmera added that value to our young team of professionals which will help them in their journey of climbing up the corporate ladder.
The nuances of Power Dressing, Positive Demeanour, Mannerisms and Customer Relationship Building were taken up in the session. Vinee’s enthusiasm throughout the session was commendable and made the session all the more engaging and interactive. We are positive of having many such sessions in the future”

Amit Sarda, Soulflower

“I really want to thank Vinee Ajmera from Personage for taking a seminar for my entire staff on grooming and bedside manners. It was very informative and useful. I believe, in any profession today, appearance and behavior do matter a lot. Vinee’s seminar will not only help physiotherapists but any professional in their respective fields. I wish her all the best and success for the future.”

Dr. Ali Irani – Department of Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine, Nanavati Speciality Hospital

“It has been an amazing experience. Vinee’s positivity and knowledge about the program was so good it feels like her energy has rubbed off on us, almost as if she has touched our hand and transferred the magic to us… I can’t wait to start applying and practicing all the learnings she has shared with us.”

Aruna Prabhu, Sula Vineyards

“The qualities I appreciate about Vinee are that she is very objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging at what she undertakes. At both her business landscape as well as her project assignments. During the chats I had for the sessions, she has consistently brought valuable insights and techniques to assist with a specific issue. A large part of coaching is unscrambling your mind to set actions, to develop a clear path towards your goals.”

Shaju I Ignatius, The Ignite Enterprise

“We have had multiple consultants, senior trainers & industry leaders who have been a part of our learning journey in the last decade. Vinee stands out as someone who delivered quite a few meaningful sessions on Business Communication, Persuasion & Coaching. The interaction was very engaging, insightful & helped the team to a great extent. The methodology which she applies is both practical in approach and results can be seen if executed. She definitely adds value to an organization and I must say it was an investment for us rather than a cost as the overall experience with her was a rewarding one.”

Subhajit Mishra, Riya Tours and Travels

“I had recently attended a wonderful workshop on Mantras for Networking delivered by Ms. Vinee Ajmera. She has the finesse and the art of great networking. As a trainer she brings in a lot of positive energy and gusto. With a completely new insight to Networking, she shared some easy yet very effective mantras to help us network with ease. One of her outstanding skills is the speed yet effortless approach with which she can get to the heart of her participants’ issues and create totally relevant, engaging, dynamic programs for them!!”

Deepti Hegde, The DOW Chemical Company

“I know Vinee as a hardworking, motivated and forward-thinking individual. She is well-connected and always takes the time to support people in need from her network. She is capable of adapting to a new work environment and exuberating positivity. As a colleague or a leader, she earns my highest recommendation.”

Priya Thakur Singh, JW Marriot

“The Lead with Brilliance session by Vinee was very interesting and in line with our discussion. What I also really liked was her evident passionate commitment to the cause and enthusiastic approach to meet the objectives with such great eclat. I felt the outcome of a session with her would be great and I am truly happy that I was right.”

Sanjeev Jha, SBI General

“A new age trainer. Vinee not only has impressive training skills, she also does in-depth research about her audience. It was a complete pleasure to attend your session. Looking forward to many more.”

Madumita Paul, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

“We had engaged Vinee to train our frontline Sales staff to portray a redefined traditional cum modern image. She not only made our staff better groomed but also helped them to present themselves with poise, calm and confidence.
Vinee was energetic and meticulous in her approach and has inspired the entire team to transform into a happy and motivated group with rejuvenated passion and energy!
We always cherish our partnership and look forward to many such image and customer engagements in near future”

Manish Charatkar, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri

“I was acknowledged as a strategic leader with a global pharmaceutical firm, but I realised that I had a pessimistic and defensive attitude that frequently alienated my colleagues. I was told I needed to be more of a team player and communicate with the team with a stronger executive presence. During my coaching sessions with Vinee, it became evident that one of my biggest roadblocks was my ability to manage priorities. My packed schedule contributed to people’ perceptions of me as unavailable, unfocused, and disinterested. I realised I needed to be more mindful of my role and be inclusive and interactive in meetings. I began scheduling meetings based on the deadlines that needed to be accomplished, and started having sessions with my team twice a week. I have my goals moving in the right direction and have effectively restored relationships with my team within nine months of starting the coaching engagement.”

Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical Firm

“Vinee created a highly conducive environment for self-learning, self-reflection, and self-awareness. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of finding my inner self, my emotions and how those are contributing to the actions that I take in my personal and professional life. The sessions spent with Vinee and the techniques taught by her have helped me become a better leader and above all a better human being.”

Ashish Mahajan, DBM

“As the vice president of a global financial corporation, I was required to form daily partnerships with stakeholders. I used to get feedback that my communications with stakeholders needed to be more concise, clear, and persuasive.Through coaching, I learnt that to engage and inspire my team, provide clarity in my messaging to external stakeholders and partners, I needed to develop a communication strategy and implement practical approaches. I needed to incorporate more of my true self into my leadership approach. Before allocating my teams to partners, I have now started discussing the project with them and asking how they can help achieve the goals. This has resulted in a shift that has helped me and my team gain confidence and influence, resulting in positive feedback from my boss, the leadership team, and my own team.”

Vice President, Global Financial Organization

“Anyone planning to get coached by Vinee, let me tell you it won’t be just a coaching session, or just a mentoring session…it will be an experience, she will take you through a journey of self discovery. That’s precisely what happened to me. I went seeking coaching and guidance, and came out being a coach myself. By the end of the third session, I was answering my own questions, clearing my own doubts. She facilitates to transform your mind into that stillness, where you learn to look inwards and find all solutions that were buried deep down there. Thank you Vinee for being such a light in my life.”

Ashish Niranjan, Nayara Energy

“I used to get furious with my team and would often try to justify it. I realized that my team was starting to get demoralized and my boss gave me the same feedback. I found during Vinee’s coaching that people who gave me incorrect or misleading information made me furious, and I didn’t listen to their intentions. I’d also like to mention that I discovered through coaching that leadership is about having gravitas; apart from being successful at my job, I need to be warm in my interactions with others. It occurred to me that I needed to change my approach. I began to wait 10 minutes to process the information given to me. Things started to fall into place. Whenever I’d feel furious, I would count to ten and then wait 10 minutes before responding. It’s been a year since I made this change; now I don’t even have to consciously practice it, and I see my team has become a lot more communicative and effective.”

Business Leader, Logistics

“Having been a successful serial entrepreneur, I felt that my latest business was also doing well and generating seven-figure profits. My mentor however, felt that while my business was good she could not foresee an exceptional growth. I could not understand what led her to saing so, given my business had reached a fairly remarkable level of growth.

I felt I was losing interest. Through my sessions with Vinee, I realized that it wasn’t interest that I had lost. I was into my business. It was the vision to look beyond the standard level of success. I hadn’t attached a value or a specific monetary figure as a goal… one that would motivate me to step out of my comfort zone and drive me to the next level. This realization changed everything. It has worked wonders for me and my business! I set a goal for my company. Now everything we do is geared towards meeting those goals, which are significantly higher than what we were achieving previously. Coaching assisted me in understanding that I needed to sit down and figure out what was preventing me from envisioning the next level.”

Entrepreneur, Fintech Company

“Having completed both the “Executive Presence” and “Lead the Future” programs, I can say that this is one of the best investments I have ever made. The modules are filled with rich content supported by best in class Ux. The advanced reflection sheets and module-level quizzes have made the learning very easy and helped reinforce the learning multiple times for attaining career and personal goals. The weekly mentoring calls, role plays and case studies have helped me gain an in-depth understanding of real-life issues and strategies to overcome the same.”

Raghavendra Araveeti, Director, Product Marketing, Dell

“The program on ‘Presenting to Affluent’ by Personage helped to skill the Relationship Managers to confidently engage with affluent customers, providing value and serving with sensitivity. It touches upon the mindset of an affluent customer as well as the part the RM’s play in the process. The fine details of body language, grooming and etiquette was covered well by facilitators. Rapport building, communicating effectively, dealing with objections was displayed through role plays. It was an engaging and participating session delivered seamlessly.

Working with Personage has been a collaborative process with the preparation and commitment they bring to the table. They demonstrate high EQ and energy in their interaction with the participants, wishing them all the very best.”

Rachna Soneji, Lead L&D, ICICI

“As the managing partner of a boutique portfolio management firm, I encouraged my team to approach me anytime they wanted. At one point I realised I was getting little time for my research and the business side of things as I’d keep getting distracted with routine operational queries. I identified the solution through my sessions with Vinee. I figured that instead of having an anytime open-door policy, it would be more efficient if I assigned an hour a day for walk-ins and Thursdays for longer team meetings and implemented this soon after. I’ve now started delegating tasks more consciously. This has triggered a collateral benefit – my team resolves most concerns and issues independently and this has sharpened their problem solving ability. I now have ample time to focus on my reading and big picture for business. Coaching works!”

Managing Partner, Reputed Portfolio Management Firm

“The Executive Presence program conducted by Personage was a very useful and effective intervention. The feedback from the participants about course content, pedagogy and facilitator was very positive. Look forward to similar interventions from Personage in the coming year.”

Atul Mathur, EVP HR & Head L&D

“I think the best way to write a recommendation for Vinee is that her skills, abilities and professional approach is the future of the coaching industry. I had the privilege of having watched a live training and also being personally coached. Post my ‘Harvard Business Personal Coach Sessions’, this is the closest I have been to being ‘convinced’ by someone else, to bring change to my core work style, to ensure I reach my professional goals. I often give the learnings I got from her to my team; specially on setting goals & then how to work towards achieving them effectively. Honestly, I don’t think Vinee needs a recommendation. All I can conclude is that ‘You can’t go wrong with Vinee’.”

Visham Sikand – Goals 101

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