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Vinee AjmeraFounder and Director

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Personage has pioneered content-rich self-paced courses focused on building personal and professional capabilities for working executives, high potential employees including new and seasoned leaders.

Smart people learn from experience.

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These value-for-money neoteric courses follow an experience sharing and storytelling approach that leads to high-impact and results-based learnings imparted by well-regarded industry leaders through structured high-quality video lessons. These expert-led inputs are supplemented with guided reflections and multiple 1-1 live online sessions with our best-in-industry personal learning facilitators.

The reflection worksheets serve as a personalized playbook for the related skills and the 1-1 sessions, with relevant case studies, anecdotes, and scenario simulations, help deeper internalization and application of learnings to the individual’s work situations.

Our courses ensure you put what you learn into practice and inspire you to take positive action and give you the confidence to achieve goals, and attain results in the present and throughout your career. They are designed to accelerate the transformation of individuals into leaders ready to drive growth.

Maximize your learning with our flagship course on personal leadership – ‘Lead the Future’

Lead The Future

Self-paced video lessons with
Trainer : Learner Mentorship LIVE Sessions

Executive Presence

Self-paced video lessons with
Trainer : Learner Mentorship LIVE Sessions

Luxury Selling

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Trainer : Learner Mentorship LIVE Sessions

Acing Your Interview

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  • Accelerator courses for career advancement
  • Video lessons by global leaders and industry experts
  • Personal hand-holding sessions with India’s top trainers
  • Custom Playbook for professional growth
  • Strengths awareness and ways to leverage them
  • Enhanced understanding of culture and practices in businesses and corporates

Online Course Features

Training Lessons

  • Content is available in video and text to consume at home or on the go, at your own pace.
  • Clarify your doubts and get personalized mentorship with our instructor-learner one-to-one sessions.

Training Lessons

  • Visualize the program techniques in action with real-world examples in every module.

Course Captions

  • Visualize the program techniques in action with real-world examples in every module.

Downloadable Tools & Checklists

  • Learning happens by doing. Our practical tools help you apply what you learn right away.

Knowledge Check Quizzes

  • Put your learning to test with our interactive quizzes to check your retention of key points in each lesson.

Leadership Playbook

  • Create your personalized playbook with the carefully designed reflection worksheets that make you think within and outside the box.


Our Happy Clients

When our purpose and outcomes align

We had engaged Vinee to train our frontline Sales staff to portray a redefined traditional cum modern image. She not only made our staff better groomed but also helped them to present themselves with poise, calm and confidence. Vinee was energetic and meticulous in her approach and has inspired the entire team to transform into a happy and motivated group with rejuvenated passion and energy! We always cherish our partnership and look forward to many such image and customer engagements in near future.

Manish CharatkarTribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri

A new age trainer. Vinee not only has impressive training skills, she also does in-depth research about her audience. It was a complete pleasure to attend your session. Looking forward to many more.

Madumita PaulCyril Amarchand Mangaldas

The Lead with Brilliance session by Vinee was very interesting and in line with our discussion. What I also really liked was her evident passionate commitment to the cause and enthusiastic approach to meet the objectives with such great eclat. I felt the outcome of a session with her would be great and I am truly happy that I was right.

Sanjeev JhaSBI General

I know Vinee as a hardworking, motivated and forward-thinking individual. She is well-connected and always takes the time to support people in need from her network. She is capable of adapting to a new work environment and exuberating positivity. As a colleague or a leader, she earns my highest recommendation.

Priya Thakur SinghJW Marriott

I attended a recent session of Business communication. It is helping me. I would like to say sincere thanks to you. Your confidence and smile is really impressive! I have a lot to learn from an individual like you. Keep it up. You have a long way to go. And become a role model for many of us.

Aijaz AhmadHoneywell Aerospace

I had recently attended a wonderful workshop on Mantras for Networking delivered by Ms. Vinee Ajmera. She has the finesse and the art of great networking. As a trainer she brings in a lot of positive energy and gusto. With a completely new insight to Networking, she shared some easy yet very effective mantras to help us network with ease. One of her outstanding skills is the speed yet effortless approach with which she can get to the heart of her participants’ issues and create totally relevant, engaging, dynamic programs for them!!

Deepti HegdeThe DOW Chemical Company

We have had multiple consultants, senior trainers & industry leaders who have been a part of our learning journey in the last decade. Vinee stands out as someone who delivered quite a few meaningful sessions on Business Communication, Persuasion & Coaching. The interaction was very engaging, insightful & helped the team to a great extent. The methodology which she applies is both practical in approach and results can be seen if executed. She definitely adds value to an organization and I must say it was an investment for us rather than a cost as the overall experience with her was a rewarding one.

Subhajit MishraRiya Tours and Travels

The qualities I appreciate about Vinee are that she is very objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging at what she undertakes. At both her business landscape as well as her project assignments. During the chats I had for the sessions, she has consistently brought valuable insights and techniques to assist with a specific issue. A large part of coaching is unscrambling your mind to set actions, to develop a clear path towards your goals.

Shaju I IgnatiusThe Ignite Enterprise

It has been an amazing experience. Vinee’s positivity and knowledge about the program was so good it feels like her energy has rubbed off on us, almost as if she has touched our hand and transferred the magic to us… I can’t wait to start applying and practicing all the learnings she has shared with us.

Aruna PrabhuSula Vineyards

I really want to thank Vinee Ajmera from Personage for taking a seminar for my entire staff on grooming and bedside manners. It was very informative and useful. I believe, in any profession today, appearance and behavior do matter a lot. Vinee’s seminar will not only help physiotherapists but any professional in their respective fields. I wish her all the best and success for the future.

Dr Ali IraniNanavati Specialty Hospital

Ms. Vinee's company Personage is a great enabler for communicating and implementing SOP at all levels. Highly recommended for Retail. The Personage Impact Program by Vinee Ajmera added that value to our young team of professionals which will help them in their journey of climbing up the corporate ladder. The nuances of Power Dressing, Positive Demeanour, Mannerisms and Customer Relationship Building were taken up in the session. Vinee’s enthusiasm throughout the session was commendable and made the session all the more engaging and interactive. We are positive of having many such sessions in the future.

Amit SardaSoulflower

We have been working with Vinee on many projects. She trained our team at Madhuban about luxury and presenting themselves in the best way possible. The energy, passion and ownership that she brings to each project is commendable. My respect for her grew even more when she readily accepted our invitation to create a series to help our community in these unusual times. With her characteristic energy and commitment, she created something so precious and gifted it to us and our community. For that and everything else, thank you Vinee.

Samir SagarManubhai Jewels

Vinee is a fine and highly skilled professional. I have done coaching sessions with her and found them to be very effective and result oriented. I would highly recommend her for the coaching and training needs of any organization that wishes to unleash their potential and get to the next level of performance.

Hiren VedAlchemy Capital Management Pvt Ltd

I attended Vinee Ajmera’s sessions on effective communication. She is absolutely amazing. All the aspects shared by her were so relatable and learnt a lot from them. Thanks for such lovely sessions

Zikra AkhtarbioMérieux

Thanks Vinee, for a wonderful and exciting session! I would like to know what is your motivation - you keep the session at a high spirited pace throughout.

Santhosh FrancisWipro Limited

I have two things to say. Firstly I like your name and your personality. You have such a positive aura that the 2 sessions this weekend made me so happy. Secondly, I'm so happy to know that a few of my core values are in line with yours. It makes me realise that I'm different and that’s great.

Kriti Rai SainiHCL Technologies

Thank you so much Vinee ma'am, for a great session. You are indeed a great inspiration. You are an inspiration to many like me, and a true example of confidence and grace.

Jewel KentEntrepreneurship and Leadership Consultant

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