Priyanka Ganjawalla

With over 13 years of work experience spread across image consulting, retail, aviation and corporate sectors, she has been able to create a unique niche for herself in industries she’s worked with. Her experience in FCI, Qatar Airways and Sapphire Minmetals led her to go ahead and launch Personage.


A high-energy presenter, Priyanka is the lead trainer for the consultants of Image Consulting Business Institute besides being a part of the ‘Femina Believe Team’ as grooming, etiquette and communications trainer.


She brings in-depth training in grooming, etiquette and customer service. Priyanka’s keen interest in the field inspired her to complete an intensive study of image management techniques based on the curriculum designed by the world renowned, first Certified Image Master Judith Rasband of Conselle Institute. Post that, she acquired a degree of Certified Image Consultant from ICBI – the pioneer in this field in India.


Her open-minded nature is due to the fact that she’s lived in Mumbai, London and Doha. A hands-on mother, when she’s not working or parenting, you would find her practicing yoga or reading a book.