- Get In, Fit In, Settle In

It is no secret that the transition from Campus to Corporate is indeed a difficult one. The difficulty is not only in securing a job - but also in adapting to the vast differences between the cocooned academic life and the VUCA work environment.  

Personage “Bridge to Corporate” program is a program that addresses just that. We are committed to the cause of adding value by substantially enhancing the employability quotient of students, thereby helping them to not only Get in but also Fit in and Settle in. Placement is paramount to all educational institutions. If placement is supplemented with the true and invaluable reward of getting positive feedback from the recruiting organizations, the indelible impression that the institute will make in the market and on the future of their students will be a key differentiator.  

The preparation for getting a dream job is focused singularly on academics which only defines one part of any job – ‘What’. The other important part – ‘How to’ – is often left to on-the-job experience which is a tough and slow teacher.  

Personage has developed the “How to” part in essential areas that include learnability, effective communication, critical thinking, problem solving, managing emotions, teamwork, networking, and several more critical elements to success. This program will help the new talent to transition with ease to the corporate environment, and not just survive but also thrive in new and challenging roles.  

Personage believes in the dictum “You can’t improve if you don’t measure”. The Bridge to Corporate program will give the institute a picture of the current reality of their students and outline the onward growth with measurable outcomes.